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Who Is An UltraRunning Legend?


Please check back with us and follow us on social media to see when new memberships are available as we work to add new features to the site.

We hope that you will also understand that we are still fixing some features since recent major changes to our web hosting.

Thank you for your interest and understanding!

How To Immortalize Your Ultrarunning Race Results

People Want To Know

People are curious to know:

  • How many miles of races have you done?
  • How much crewing and volunteering experience do you have?
  • Are you someone I would feel honored to crew or pace?
  • Are you someone I would want to ask to crew or pace me, in this or that race?
  • Are you someone I would feel privileged just to hang out and chat with, every chance I get?


Because it’s a well-known fact:

People tend to want to run and hang out with the most experienced and accomplished members of the community!

The fact is even YOU may not know how many miles you’ve raced or how many hours you’ve crewed.

And if even YOU don’t know, how is anyone else going to understand and appreciate all your experience and everything you’ve learned, all the wisdom and help and insight you have to offer:

  • As a race director or staff
  • As a crew member, volunteer, or pacer
  • As a friend and comrade they may want to just hang out with!

UltraRunning Legends has changed the game!

Comprehensive Race Results Linked to Race Results Websites, Complete with Totals. CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE

With an UltraRunning Legends profile, you can now:

  • Get recognized for your hard work without bragging
  • Have your advice and ideas appreciated based on your experience
  • Have a link to display on other social media or sites, a link people can click to view your complete ultra resumé
  • Get exclusive access to peruse all the details, history, product recommendations, and biographical details in other UltraRunning Legends member profiles
  • Get invited to participate in the groups of athletes you’re qualified to join
  • Get the pacers and crew you want – NEAR YOUR RACE LOCATION, if you wish – AND get asked to crew and pace runners you want to work with

… and much, MUCH more!

I am Sharla Simpson,

and a co-creator of UltraRunning Legends, the FIRST EVER Marathon Maniacs-type web site for ultrarunners, and our mission is:

  • To allow you to list ALL your stats
  • To allow you to list your bio and non-running information
  • To help the ultrarunning community get to know each other and work with each other in a way that has previously not been possible!

Detailed Public Biography Where People Can Get to Know You. CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE

For just $99.95 per year:

  • Display a comprehensive list of all your racing and work
  • Be appreciated for all your contributions to the sport
  • Have your advice, ideas, and experience properly valued

And so much more!


CLICK HERE to view a public profile for yourself!

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, for less than the price of entering a single ultra, you can list

  • ALL your ultras, from all race result web sites and even magazine print
  • ALL your crewing details and experience, and even
  • Any races you’ve directed
  • ALL totals of race mileage, volunteer hours, and races directed, automatically calculated for you!

Public Featured Photos Display. CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE

In addition, I am actively soliciting user feedback to add valuable features every year to your profile page and to the web site, to make it easier for people to list their achievements and race experiences, as well as get in touch with potential crew members, race directors, and friends. If you can think of it, I would like to try to make it happen.


Profile Example 1

Profile Example 2

Profile Example 3

… and this is only a small sample.  You can find the rest by clicking here!

Your Information, Visible Only to Other Members or to Friends. CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE


  • Our paid memberships all but guarantee a troll-free AND ad-free environment in our activity feed and groups. Who has time for drama with trolls? NOT US!
  • You will also soon have access to purchasing apparel with your badge level on it, whether you’re a runner, an RD, or one of our super-important Enabler volunteers.  As the web site standards become known to people, they will be able to look at your logo gear and know at a glance what kind of experience you have in the sport!


14-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!  You will have 14 days from the time you join to request a refund for your membership cost (minus $30.00 for your shirt) if you are not fully satisfied with your experience building your UltraRunning Legends profile!
* Please note that we will not be accepting returns on the shirts members receive with their membership when they join.  If you join with a discounted membership price, you will be refunded according to your cost at the time of joining.


Let’s face it: you obviously have a passion for ultras, and WE have a passion for helping people connect in the sport!  Come join us now, and let’s grow a more efficient, tight-knit community!

Join us now and get your free eye-catching, soft and comfy tri-blend UltraRunning Legends shirt! Available only with full-priced (non-discounted) payment for a first-year full-access membership OR with the purchase of a non-discounted lifetime membership.

Get Onboard With UltraRunning Legends Now!

UltraRunning Legends gives badges for verified race credentials in three different race roles:

  • Enablers, the people who volunteer to help ultrarunners and race directors
  • Kingpins, the people who direct ultra races
  • Ultrarunners, with six different levels of achievement possible

These levels are mutually exclusive, and achievement is recognized for all three roles.  Ultrarunners are the only role with multiple levels of achievement and experience, but ALL roles are UltraRunning Legends!

DESCRIPTION: You are an enabler of sick addictions.  You bring the runners their stuff and help them seek out that buckle.  You have brought water, food, alcohol, toilet paper, and many other unmentionables, whatever it takes to get your person to that finish line.  You will dry sweat, roll sore legs, wipe butts, run the course alongside the person you are enabling, whatever it takes.

NOTE: This role is for everyone who assists runners in reaching the finish line, including crew, pacers, and aid station volunteers. ONLY UNPAID HELP IS ELIGIBLE. If you are compensated other than for travel expenses, your aid is not eligible for the enabler role. Enablers are volunteers, by definition.

TRAIL MAINTENANCE: YES, the trail maintenance that is SO critical to keeping trails runnable absolutely counts as time spent volunteering.

AID STATION AND TRAIL MAINTENANCE: Use the name, email address, and phone number of the race director instead of using information for a runner.  For trail maintenance, enter the race date, NOT the date you worked and did trail maintenance.  Enter the link to the race stats, just as you would if you were pacing or crewing a runner.

Include travel time, to and from the event.

These must be events (weekends/dates), NOT separate races at the same event, with separate dates for each event.

DESCRIPTION: You are the race director, where it all starts.  You create the vision, and then you create the event.  You scout out new sites of torture for those crazy runners to test themselves at.  You bring in supplies and get the aid stations manned.  And when it’s all over, they kiss your feet just to get that buckle.

These must be separate events (weekends/dates), with separate dates, and not just multiple races at a single event.

DESCRIPTION: You are an ultrarunning legend.  You have lost all sense of distance and time in favor of the gloryholing of getting that buckle.  All your friends and family think you are insane… and you know it’s true.

UltraRunning Legends Runner Levels Explained

MINIMUM race distance for reaching ANY membership level is 50K.  All races entered MUST be at least 31.06 miles long.  For time-based races, such as 6-, 12-, and 24-hour races, your race finish is eligible for entry AS LONG AS you reached a distance of at least 31.06 miles within the alotted time for that race.

Preflight (Temporary Membership)

Minimum one (1) 50K race finished

Two-year limit to reach at least Noob level before temporary membership expires, at which time you will have to reapply and once more pay your original membership startup cost


Minimum 250 miles of ultra races finished

Minimum one (1) 50-mile (or greater) race finished


Minimum 500 miles of ultra races finished

Minimum of three (3) 50-mile (or greater) races, INCLUDING one (1) 100-mile (or greater) race finished


Minimum 1,000 miles of ultra races finished

Minimum of seven (7) 50-mile (or greater) races, INCLUDING three (3) 100-mile (or greater) races finished


Minimum 2,500 miles of ultra races finished

Minimum of fifteen (15) 50-mile (or greater) races, INCLUDING seven (7) 100-mile (or greater) races finished


Minimum 5,000 miles of ultra races finished

Minimum of seventy-five (75) 50-mile (or greater) races, INCLUDING twenty (20) 100-mile (or greater) races finished

ALL sites entered for your race stats MUST be DIRECT LINKS to your particular stat!  In other words, if we have to click through to other pages to find your particular listing, we will not use the link you have submitted, and you will have to send a new link.  Unfortunately, we do not have the time to go searching all around on race and stat sites to find your particular listing; it’s just not practical.

We WILL NOT count races where your finish is CLEARLY SHOWN IN THE RESULTS as being a dropback or as being a late finish, over the cutoff.  However, we will only discount races based on what the race director shows in the results and not based on any other information.


Acceptable races for crewing and running DO NOT include FKTs, tracked and recorded on the web site FastestKnownTime.com, as these get taken down once the times have been officially beaten.  However, you will seen be able to list these on another tab!  Simple uploads to personal accounts like Strava and MapMyRun (for example) are NOT eligible.

For all other race stats, including races you have directed, we need a direct link to either a third-party directory race stat site OR to the web site of the race itself.  Major third-party sites would include:

Third-party sites are actually preferred, as races can go defunct and web sites can be taken down.  However, both are completely acceptable.

If you have any questions, please contact us.